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Faqs (Frequently Asked Questions)

1. What should I do after an accident?

A. Never admit fault.
B. Call 911 immediately if anyone involved in the accident is hurt. Injuries should be addressed first.
C. Call the police and ask that a report be made.
D. Obtain the other party’s (or parties’) contact and insurance information (at the very minimum their driver’s license number and license plate number).
F. Take photographs of your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle only if SAFE do so.
G. Take photographs of your visible injuries, i.e., bruising, swelling, abrasions, lacerations.

2. Should I give my recorded statement to the insurance company?

Seek the advice of an attorney before scheduling a recorded statement. There are many questions that may be asked of you which may invade your right to privacy and/or can be asked in such a way which is confusing resulting in a less favorable result. Your attorney will protect your rights

3. What should I do if I am injured?

If you are injured as a result of the accident, seek medical attention immediately.

4. What can be done if the other party does not accept fault?

An attorney will conduct a thorough investigation of the accident, including but not limited to, gathering all evidence such as the traffic collision report, identifying witnesses and obtaining their respective statements, contacting the insurance adjusters, etc. in order to establish that liability (fault) lies with the other party.

5. Can you guarantee the outcome of my case?

No, we cannot guarantee that your case will have a certain result. The attorney can render an opinion in connection to the issues relating to your case based on his experience but his opinion is NOT a guarantee of the result of your case. Attorney guarantees, however, that he will work hard to provide the best representation and will aggressively seek the highest possible settlement for client.

6. How much is my personal injury case worth?

First and foremost, no bodily injury claim can be settled until the claimant has completed his/her medical treatment or has recovered sufficiently. There are several factors used to evaluate the value of a case. The severity of the injury is the primary factor along with need for further medical care, the length of the recovery, the individual’s degree of pain and suffering, lost earnings and future earning capacity.
Therefore, value cannot be determined until after medical treatment has been completed.

7. What about the damage to my vehicle?

A. Drive your car away from the accident location if your vehicle is SAFE to drive. Otherwise, ask that your car be towed.
B. Storage Fees: If your car was towed to a tow yard, you MUST contact your insurance carrier immediately because storage fees accrue daily and can be as much as $65 per day.If your insurance policy does not carry collision coverage, you should move your car from the tow yard as soon as possible and avoid the possibility of your vehicle being lien saled by the tow yard facility.
FR_WHITEC. Our staff has handled thousands of property damage claims and can aid you in the resolution of the repairs of your vehicle or in case your vehicle was rendered a total loss, resolving the total loss settlement.


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